K&B Global and ProFinance

Get the IT infrastructure you didn't think was possible

As companies increasingly shift capital investments toward innovative financing options, lessors must adapt their IT infrastructure to purpose-built ecosystems that eliminate the operational and financial costs of legacy and makeshift frameworks.

Stay ahead of the competition in this market by building the infrastructure you always thought should be possible – a total IT solution that:

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Get the system you need, with the execution you want

Large-scale software implementations can overwhelm IT staff, and bungled deployments counteract your ROI. Maximize the benefits of a software transformation by combining the market’s best platform with the expert administration to roll it out effectively.

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K&B+ProFinance: A one-call solution for transformative IT

K&B Global is a trusted North American deployment partner of Tietoevry ProFinance because software this good deserves the right implementation and deployment. Talk to us about how this combination gives you the specialized infrastructure needed for growth.  



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